Interactive API Browser

For easy viewing and testing of REST API resources, there is an interactive API browser, which is located at: https://<address of your domain api>/api/ver1.0/client_api_explorer/<your api domain address>.
The address of your api domain is the address of your domain in the system specified in the PDF file with the PBX data sent to you by email.

The API Browser is an interactive page that shows all available REST API resources, their methods, and the input parameters and response fields of the methods.

Authorization in the interactive API browser

To make API requests through an interactive browser, you need a registered trusted application.

In the authentication section, in the client_id and client_secret fields you must enter the Application ID and Application Secret values obtained during application registration, respectively. Next, click on the "Try it out!". If the application data is correct, the response returns an access token (access_token), which can be used to make requests through the interactive browser on behalf of your application.

The resulting access token should be entered in the "Access Token Field" at the top of the page and saved by clicking the "Set Token" button.

After saving the token via the interactive browser, you can make requests to the REST API.

Working in the interactive API browser

The screenshot below shows an example of a request to get a list of internal numbers of an authorized client:

Example of a request to get a list of conversation records of the current client:

In case of errors in writing a request from the code, it is a good practice to use an interactive browser for self-checking. For example, if it is not clear what exactly was passed incorrectly in the request body, you need to use the interactive browser for self-checking as follows:

When you click on the Model Schema array, the request body is automatically generated. You will only need to remove the extra query parameters and fill in the necessary parameters with values (the last parameter excludes enumeration and should not end with a comma).


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