REST API Structure

The REST API of the virtual PBX uses a resource-oriented approach. The resources are clients, client users, internal numbers, internal number groups, voice menu, call queue, fax, etc. Each resource has its own unique identifier. For resource management, the API defines standard methods that allow you to add, receive, modify, and delete resources.

This section describes the general structure of the REST API, request and response formats. Requests to the API are made via the URL  https://<hostname>/api/ver1.0/ , where hostname is the hostname of the API server of the IP telephony provider. For authorization, the OAuth2 protocol is used. After receiving the token via OAuth2, it is passed in each API request in the Authorization header (see Creating and authorizing applications).

If there is a request body (POST and PUT requests), its content must be passed in JSON format, and the Content-Type header must be set to application/json. The exception is, for example, downloading sound files.


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