Processing Notifications on Events in System

Various types of events can be generated in the system that may be used to notify third-party applications and external systems (so-called webhook notifications / webhooks).

Extension Number Events

The extension numbers may have the following types of events:

  • dial-in: incoming call

  • dial-out: outgoing call

  • hangup: connection end

  • answer: answer

Using the corresponding resource, you can notify third-party applications about extension number events.
Examples of event tracking on the extensions numbers are described in the corresponding page.

Message Events

Among the events of the extension number, the message events are distinguished separately.

  • message-in: incoming message

  • message-out: outgoing message

The message events are configured similarly to other extension number events. For more details on the message events, see here.

Queue Agent Events

When the queue agents enter or leave the queue, the following events are generated:

  • agent-login: the queue agent enter the queue

  • agent-logout: the queue agent leave the queue

Using the resource "Queue Agent Events", you can notify third-party applications about the inputs/outputs of the queue agents.