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The conference is:

  1. Extension number (like a conference). Such a conference can be triggered by the \ivr\ callback redirection rules, just like any other extension.

  2. A temporary telephone terminal capability (extension type "phone").

Extension of the "Conference" type

The resource is described here: Conference /conference/.

The difference in the functionality of this conference from the local one:

  1. Any extension of the platform in this conference can invite a new participant to the conference (for example, invite an external number to the conference).

  2. The moderator PIN code. If the moderator's pin code is entered, additional functionality is available *92 - *95 (for more details, see here:


Local (a temporary conference)

Available only for extension type "phone terminal".

To create a local conference: *8 <your extension number>.

The conference will function as long as there is at least one participant, or if the condition for disconnecting the conference when disconnecting the conference owner is not specified.

There are available local conference options in the extension setting (phone configuration) :





Only if the extension has created its own local conference - other extensions can connect to it (only pin-code and announce will work for them, if enabled).

The invitation to the conference is performed only by the owner of the local conference: "* 8NUMBER"

Dialing to the NUMBER takes place in the background, when you try to call any number by the combination *8, "We are trying to get through" will be played, i.e. there is a call in progress now and no need to try again.

To exclude the last NUMBER from the conference, the owner of the conference can dial "##", this will kill the last call to the number at any stage (except for calling an extension, a call to an extension can be canceled by "##" just before the phone will be picked up).

If the called party has an early-media or the phone will be picked up, then the called party will be connected to the conference, and all conference participants will hear the early-media, or the answer of a new conference participant.