REST API Client Documentation 2.0



This documentation describes how to work with functions available at the system user level. Users are defined as all persons who have credentials in the system which are issued by the administrator.

The UCOM4B system library is designed in accordance with the REST architecture. Requests to an API are sent over HTTPS protocol, the authorization is done over the OAuth 2.0 protocol (RFC 6749).

In the API a resource-oriented approach is used. Clients, client users, internal numbers, internal group numbers, voice menu, call queue, sound files, fax and so on act as resources in the API. Each resource has its own unique identifier. To manage resources in the API, standard methods are defined to add, get, modify and delete resources.

There is an interactive API browser for easy viewing and testing of the REST API resources,  representing an interactive page where all available REST API resources, their methods, as well as input parameters and response fields of methods are presented. To make API requests through an interactive browser, a registered trusted application is needed.

The target audience of this documentation are programmers or system administrators implementing a graphical interface (front-end) and various automation scripts. This document can also be useful for users who want to do more than the available graphical interface of the system allows.


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